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How Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Chiropractic can assist you by working with you and your other health care professionals (M.D., and D.O.) by maintaining your spine in proper alignment. Every organ in the body is under some type of neurological (nerve) control, so does it not seem sensible that if nerve impulses do not get to the organ its function is going to be compromised?

What is an adjustment?

The gentle correction of a subluxation manually or device to relieve the pressure on the nerves and thereby normalize proper function and optimize health.

Can I adjust myself?

No. Some people may make their joints “pop” and think they've made an adjustment. Wrong! Damage can occur by “self manipulating” a joint with weakened muscles and ligaments. Adjustments are specific and require the skill of a professionally trained doctor of chiropractic to administer. Even your chiropractic doctor must consult a colleague to personally benefit from chiropractic care.

What if I do not respond to chiropractic?

The consultation and examination are necessary to determine if chiropractic can help your condition. If not, you may be referred to another specialist who might be able to help. In any event, your health and happiness are our primary goal.

How does the ProAdjuster work?

To better understand, let's examine the idea of palpation.  When a chiropractor palpates your spine, they are checking for joint fluidity, motion, and/or rigidity.  Improper motion affecting the nerve function is called a subluxation.  In a similar fashion to palpation, the ProAdjuster can determine whether a vertebra's motion is too rigid or too fluid.  The spine should not be too rigid (hypo-mobile).  However, instead of utilizing the doctor's judgment as to what areas are hyper-mobile or hypo-mobile, the ProAdjuster measures precise levels of motion.  Therefore, the ProAdjuster can isolate a problem area faster and more accurately than manual procedures.

How can anything so gentle and comfortable change my spine?

The ProAdjuster utilizes a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion.  It is able to increase the mobility of the spinal segments by reducing or enabling motion in the abnormal areas.  In other words, the ProAdjuster is “unsticking” the joint.  Have you ever seen a woodpecker tapping in an oscillating fashion on a tree?  It is hard to believe, but you can watch it bore right through the hardest wood!  The ProAdjuster taps in much the same way, but uses soft tips that are comfortable to the human body and do not create damage.