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NO MORE TMJ... Thanks Dr.Randy!

My name is Kelli and I was very apprehensive about going to a chiropractor.  My sister had been to see Dr. Randy and had excellent results.  I was diagnosed with TMJ and it was going to be at least a month before I could get in to see the TMJ doctor.  I was in extreme pain and didn’t want to wait that long for some relief.  My sister suggested that I see Dr. Randy.  She called and got me an appointment for the next day.  I realized that I couldn’t stand the pain anymore and I came to Back to Health.  Before my first treatment with Dr. Randy, I could barely open my mouth wide enough to brush my teeth.  After my first treatment, I could open my mouth wider and the pain was much less.  Now, I can cancel the TMJ appointment.     I have joint swelling due to arthritis and the treatments are helping with that too.  I had such great results that my husband is now a patient of Dr. Randy.  Dr. Randy has made a tremendous difference in my life, for the better.



ASTHMA & Kids need Chiropractic too !


  Injury: For an athlete there is no scarier word. Even a minor injury can set you back several months in your training. Worse is a chronic injury, something that won’t heal or stop nagging at you.

       That was me. I am a wrestler and a weight lifter. I had injured my back more times than I can remember. More accurately I had re-injured my back in the same place too many times to remember. I would train carefully and patiently make progress for a while and then hurt myself all over again. It was more frustrating than words can say.

Then one day my training partner told me about his new chiropractor, Doctor Randy Moze. I was skeptical. I had tried chiropractics before with mixed results. But Steve assured me that I would be amazed and it would change my life. As I was currently hurting pretty bad I went into Doctor Randy’s office.

       Doctor Randy, an experienced athlete himself, walked me through the processes and equipment he uses and made sure that I understood it all. He took his time and didn’t just rush through the process like others I have seen, but rather, he took the time to really look at what was wrong with me and really work on it. I was amazed by not only how relaxing and pleasant the Pro-Adjuster feels, but at how much better I felt almost immediately.

       I am a firm believer in the Pro-Adjuster and a huge fan of Doctor Randy Moze’s abilities as a healer. I carry his business card with me everywhere I go and tell people about how much he has helped me not only with my back but how he has helped me with a sinus problem as well.

       On a more personal note, I want to tell you about what kind of person Doctor Randy is. I was performing at a wrestling show in Kingsport, TN and while warming up I injured my back quite badly. The pain was excruciating. I called Doctor Randy and he took time out from his personal life drove to Kingsport to help me. The next day, though he was supposed to be closed, Doctor Randy opened up his office and used the Pro-Adjuster to work on me. That single act of kindness saved me from months of potential setbacks. Though I have said it many times before, again I say, “Thank you sir”.  



My name is Ben Daniel and I am a patient of Dr. Moze.  I have suffered from chronic back pain for well over 20 years.  I have had two back surgeries as a result of Degenerative Disc disease; have had numerous injections/epidurals only to find temporary relief.  The lumbar area of my back has several discs that are trying to fuse together.   I have seen several Chiropractors and received only minor relief from the pain and the relief was only for a short period of time.

I read a lot of information about new techniques dealing with back pain.   I read an article about the Pro Adjustment techniques and was impressed about the success of this procedure.   When I tried to find a local Chiropractor I could not seem to find one and I ended up calling the local Neurosurgeon who performed the surgeries on my back.   That is when he told me about Dr. Moze.

I started seeing Dr. Moze about three months ago and felt partial relief after the 3rd visit and after the first month the pain was dramatically less.   Now it has been 3 months I am for the most part pain free even after doing things that I could not do before seeing Dr. Moze.  I now see him twice a week and will be going to once a week in the near future.

I would recommend Dr. Moze to anyone that is suffering back pain as he has changed my life because of his ability and his special techniques in dealing with my pain issues.